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I'm Starting a Blog (Again!)

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

It has been suggested to me by numerous people that I should be blogging. Apparently, I have expertise in subjects that are not only useful to a wide audience, but interesting to the general public.

Before we get this ball rolling let me introduce myself. My name is Marnina. I was born and raised in Toronto, Canada and moved to Israel after finishing a Bachelors in visual communications at York University. Ever the student, I immediately started my MSc in industrial design at Technion where I wrote a thesis on the similarities and differences in how the design and business worlds define and describe design thinking. I then worked for a couple years doing design and marketing for a medical device company before running back to Technion for a PhD. My PhD research was in the subject of constraints and creativity plus I also did some cross-cultural research on psychological time perspective. Today I am leveraging my professional and academic experience doing market research and strategy.

If you made it through my introduction than please hit me up with any and all your questions about design thinking, market research and strategy, consumer insights, branding, creativity and innovation management.

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